The Importance Of Shopping Local

Shopping local goes beyond the stereotypical reason of convenience. Shopping local is investing in yourself, your community, and a small business owner.
We have all been in that one store where the associate can sell sand in the desert whether the desert needed sand or not. Personally, as a small business owner, I pride myself with providing the best customer service that I can. At the end of the day it is about the customer's wants and needs versus my own. Honesty is an important key. If someone asks how a particular item looks on them I tell them my opinion then ask the most important question: How does it make you feel? This one on one connection is much harder to come by in chain stores.
Hahira, GA alone has developed beyond belief within the past year. Having multiple boutiques and places to shop has began to revive our community. It's amazing how many people who live in our little Mayberry town who have not even stepped foot in any downtown businesses. Now neighbor's spend their Saturday passing friendly smiles bouncing from shop to shop and ending with a tasty lunch.
Lastly, shopping local is investing in a small business owner.
Behind every small business, there is a story worth knowing and supporting
Starting and sustaining a business can be done for many reasons. You could be supporting a dream, contributing to student loans (cough cough), or even helping someone support their family. Knowing that your purchase is making a difference is self fulfilling. On the other hand, we as business owners love to hear your stories as well. 
I encourage you to shop local. Not because of the convenience, but instead for self respect, sense of community, and support of a neighbor/friend. Let us know if you own a small business so we can refer you!


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