White After Labor Day: Fashion Statement or Fake News

White After Labor Day: Fashion Statement or Fake News

I was waiting in line at Starbucks one day and I heard two girls having a conversation that has resonated in my mind. A woman walked in wearing white jeans, and a tank top layered with a simple kimono. One of the girls behind me said "Omg Natalie.. I can not believe that lady is wearing white jeans.. Labor Day was literally yesterday."

Come on people, It is no longer 1932. Yes, wearing white after Labor Day and before Memorial Day used to be recognized as a fashion sin, but it's 2020 and times have changed. This stereotypical notion is nothing more than antiquated.

With this outfit, go big or go home. Show the haters you absolutely do not care. Wear this fiesta leopard fringe top then strut your stuff in white booties. This is such a fun outfit!
There are approximately 266 days between Labor Day and Memorial Day. For the love of everything fashionable, trash the fake news and rock out in white.

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